Chi Lewis-Parry Calls Out Champ Rico Verhoeven at Glory 32

Chi Lewis-Parry knocked out Maurice Greene with another sensational finish at Glory 32 in Virginia on July 22, 2016. And he then called out the Champ.

“Chopper” Chi Lewis-Parry has once again put on a perfect performance inside the Glory ring. A flush uppercut sent with bad intentions found its home upon the chin of Maurice “The Pirate” Greene, shutting out his lights and ending the fight. He then proceeded to call out Glory heavyweight champion, Rico Verhoeven. He asserted the fact that that the champ is “boring” and Chi presented him with an ultimatum: “So how about me and you?”

The Brit has been training with UFC’s light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, and former UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez at American Kickboxing Academy. “Chopper” explained how AKA have set him above the rest of the roster, he said: “I’ve been around the world, I’ve trained in some wonderful gyms, not to discredit them. But AKA, there is a reason why so many champions come out of that gym, I’m just next in line baby!”

The fight began and Immediately Chi displayed a scrupulous control of distance, as he dictated the fight early in the first round. And as the round progressed, he looked to set up that reputable right-hand we were all waiting to see. But we didn’t have to wait long. Chi Lewis-Parry maintained his excellent control of distance and this meant that Maurice Greene had no choice but to walk right into trouble. A precise right-hand from Chi sent Greene to the canvas.

Into the second round and Chi was exuding confidence, he displayed slick head movement as Greene went headhunting. “Chopper” demonstrated impressive athleticism, as he mauled his opponent towards the end of the round. Then out of nowhere, Greene was dropped again. And this time for good. During a fierce flurry of strikes, Chi threw an uppercut without warning and dropped Greene. Referee, Dan Miragliotta, was forced to call an end to this fight and award Chi Lewis-Parry with a second round KO victory.

Chi then made his case for a match-up with Rico Verhoeven: “Rico, you are boring, all you do is decisions, you ain’t knocking no one out. So how about me and you?”.

After that performance, who can deny him?

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