Chi Lewis-Parry: Expeditious, Energetic and Exceptional

Chi Lewis-Parry, a compelling fighter, admirable athlete and ardent gamer. The British

heavyweight gives his view on the Jones and Cormier rematch, an insight into his

illustrious kickboxing career, and why it’s time for him to make a return to MMA.

A heavyweight champion has the potential to be the most feared man on the planet.

Attainting that title comes with a level of a veneration most sportsman can only dream of,

as It would elevate any fighter to legendary status. On September 15, Chi Lewis-Parry could

achieve exactly that. The “Chopper” is scheduled to make an emphatic return to the sport,

as he will be looking to preserve his perfect record of 6-0 and fight for the heavyweight title

at BAMMA 31 inside the SSE Wembley Arena.

Chi Lewis-Parry is a prime example of a modern day mixed martial artist. He exhibits

profound vitality in his fighting style, his distinguished striking talents are complimented by

a bold wrestling base. He holds one of the fastest finishes in Glory kickboxing, when he

marked his debut with a dazzling 25 second KO. Along with his undefeated MMA record,

Lewis-Parry is undoubtedly a serious threat to anybody, anywhere, regardless where the

fight goes.

He is currently the number 9 ranked heavyweight for Glory Kickboxing. However, he

explained how kickboxing is now a part of his life he intends to leave behind. He said: “My

plans for the next year are to return to MMA, and put kickboxing down as a part of my life

that I no longer need. You know I like to move on from things when they are doing damage,

it’s not the sport, it’s the promotion. And I feel like the promotion tried to damage me and I

don’t like that. It’s just that time for me now, I need to return to the sport that I’m

undefeated in and climb towards that belt”.

In preparation for his title shot, Lewis-Parry has been training with the UFC light

heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, and former UFC heavyweight champion, Cain

Velasquez at AKA. He explained how AKA has become his home from home and how

important that is to him: “Training at AKA in California with DC and Cain is like any fighter’s

dream come true. And with my personality, I’m a bit of goofball, I’m a big cuddly nerd really!

Everybody at AKA, they are not big cuddly nerds, but we have similar personalities. We all

laugh at the same things and we all have the same morals. It’s just a good team. I fit in

straight away and I see a lot of myself in DC when it comes to humour”.

Also, he gave his view on his teammates up and coming bout with long-standing rival, Jon

Jones. DC and Jones are due to meet at UFC 214 for the light heavyweight belt. He said: “I

genuinely believe, in the shifting of momentum. And I feel like Jon had it for a long time,

even when the rematch was set UFC 200, Jon had the momentum. You could just tell there

was confidence there that he had. He no longer has that, he has lost that now. These guys

are gonna stand up and throw down and I believe DC is going to put him away. It’s not going

to be a decision win, I believe DC will put him away inside 4 rounds. He’s going to break him

down and put him away. It’s DC’s time”.

In light of his own title shot, Chi Lewis-Parry made his intentions for his BAMMA debut very

clear. He said: “To be honest, I don’t really want to fight some boring guy who wants to hug

me and kiss me. I want someone who’s going to stand and strike. The plan is to win, and the

plan is to win inside the distance, no one wants to go to decision. But you know what if I go

to decision and get the win and that’s cool, as long as it wasn’t boring. I don’t mind taking a

few to land one, I don’t mind doing that because I know my one can end it”.

Nonetheless, whilst he is training hard for his BAMMA debut, Lewis-Parry revealed that

even an eminent athlete such as himself will spare some time for online gaming: “I love my

shooting games, I only play them online, if I can’t play online I get bored after ten minutes

and turn it off, but I am a big online gamer”.

And yes, he did answer the most important question of them all, Xbox or PlayStation?

“I love Xbox, Xbox over PlayStation all day!” And there you have it.

Candid, charismatic and confident. Chi Lewis-Parry already has the mind-set of a champion.

With a clear and rigorous plan already prepared, he possesses the tools to scrupulously

overcome any challenge in front of him. Along with an astute approach, a notable team and

a vigorous left hand, success is inevitable. And the world title at BAMMA 31 is just


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