Chi Lewis Parry talks invite to Jackson Winklejohn’s, Overeem and One FC

It is time to catch up with the very confident Chi Lewis Parry.  Last time we spoke to him, we found out all about him

from his basketball playing days, right through to the current day and his undefeated MMA record.  As we speak to him again now, Chi remains undefeated and talks a little about how this makes him feel every time he steps into the cage.

We can also exclusively talk in more detail about the news Chi released on Facebook a few weeks ago.  Chi has been invited to the USA to train at Jacksons MMA which is a massive opportunity to train with top level MMA athletes.


Since we last spoke to Chi he has knocked up another win taking him to 5-0 in the Heavyweight Division.  The pressure must be on when you have an undefeated record.

 “To be honest, no. I realise that every time I fight now the world is watching. For some strange reason that relaxes me. Being great at what I do is my goal; pressure is just part of achieving that”.


Opponents facing Chi must have the determination to be the one who will stop him in his tracks, taking away the proud ‘0’.

 “Definitely! Haha! Everybody wants to be the first to tarnish an unbeaten record. The good thing is I’m still flying low under the radar. People are still not sure what to expect from me”.

 Chi last fought Alain Ngalani but the fight was deemed a No Contest due to an accidental knee to the groin.  Knowing that Chi is winning in style each time he steps into the cage, it must have been a disappointing way for the fight to end.

 “Painfully disappointing! I had spent 10 weeks focused on the prize. My mind was on form and I peaked at just the right time. I was ready and confident I would bring home the win. What happened was unfortunate and replay that fight a 1000 times, I’d never guess that to be the outcome. Onward and upward, I’m not hanging onto it; I’m just ready for the next one”.

 It does seem that the only way is up for Chi and he has a pretty balanced winning streak coming by way of 3 KO/TKO wins and 2 Sub wins.  Looking at him you would expect KO wins across the board but Chi is proving he is a well-rounded fighter. 

 “I like to think I have enough tools to get the job done anywhere in the fight. I pay special attention to detail and wherever I feel my opponent has an advantage, I will train specifically to even those odds”.


So with the 5 wins racked up, who does Chi feel has been his toughest opponent to date.

 “I would have to say my first ever bout which was a K1 fight vs. Ian Hawkins. I broke my hand in a first round exchange and was forced to play my biggest poker face to date. That combined with the fact that Ian is super tough made for a long night at the office”.

 As we mentioned, Chi has been invited to train out at Jacksons MMA, having received an official invite.  It must have felt amazing to be asked to train out in the USA.

 “Well to be honest, I always knew that this would happen. I visualise and aim big, ALWAYS! So to get an invite was a sign that I am moving in the right direction. As you know Alistair Overeem and I have trained together and he is now a resident of Jackson’s. It’s through him that this opportunity has been presented and my vision a reality. I am excited to say the least”.


Alistair Overeem and Jon Jones are just a few of the names that Chi will be sharing the mat and cage with when he arrives.  I can’t help but think I would be a little star struck and nervous if I had an opportunity like this but Chi is well grounded.

 “I think I would find myself admiring their abilities but I doubt I’d be star struck. While I appreciate their achievements and have nothing but respect for their accomplishments, I consider myself an equal and want to be perceived in that way. The top is where I belong, with them”.


Training in the USA will be different to Chi’s usual training back home in the UK so how will it differ and what does he feel he will gain from it.

 “Experience and knowledge at Jackson’s is priceless! I think you’d be hard pushed to not come out of there a better athlete, therefore a better person. I feel my personality will sit well with the way those guys work”.


Other than the training which will be coming up, we wondered if Chi had any firm dates for his next fight and if there is anyone he will openly say he wants to fight.

 “I have nothing lined up as of yet but I’m eager to get back in to work. I always have my eye on someone and right now that someone is Tim Sylvia. Now let me say this before this gets blown up in the wrong way. I had my eye on the opportunity to fight Tim long before I signed with Onefc. This isn’t an act of disrespect where I feel because I’m undefeated I can take on the son of Dor’el (superman) but merely an acknowledgement of his success. Respect due at all times. That’s the only way I operate”.


Chi is obviously super confident in his abilities and is aiming for the top but success comes at a price and as I read on his Facebook page when he announced the news that he was off to the USA, the only thing he has is his talent.  UK MMA isn’t a goldmine for fighters, even those at the top of the UK game.  So in order for Chi to go to the USA, he will need some sponsorship.  We can all see that Chi believes in himself 100%.  It isn’t arrogance though, it is the determination to succeed and be the best and get to the top.  So let Chi tell you in his own words why you should consider backing him financially.


“Yes I am looking for financial backing to fund this training camp and potentially life changing opportunity. It’s not every day that athletes from the UK get given chances like this, yet I have. I want to grab it with both hands and feet and open doors not only for myself but for those to follow also. I have a unique talent which is rare and that is my mental attitude. I see myself winning, I see myself the champion and I BELIEVE it! This trip will be a huge piece of the puzzle that will make my vision and beliefs a reality! Thanks”!


It has been great to catch up with Chi and find out what is happening in his world.  I wish him all the success in the USA.  Sadly I am penniless but if I had some spare cash, I would definitely be backing him because I do believe that he is making steps to land on the big stage, in the not too distant future.


Written by Suzy Athey – Senior Manager, Athlete Services Mogul Management

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