Is The One FC World Title Waiting For The Big Man From The UK


Monday July 7th and it is time to fly out to Taiwan for Heavyweight fighter Chi Lewis Parry.

Chi is fighting on One FC War of Dragons on Friday night (Friday day time in the UK, watch it live here:!) against Alan Ngalani and will be looking to take his undefeated record to 6-0.  This won’t be the easiest match-up for Chi against Ngalani who has 35 professional Kickboxing bouts to his name with 25 wins and 23 of those coming by way of KO, 1 draw, 2 no contests and only 7 losses.

Chi isn’t to be underestimated by any means, he has the determination and skill to stay undefeated when he steps into the cage on Friday and taking the fight at short notice hasn’t fazed Chi at all.  He mentioned on his official Facebook account that he was aware his opponent was half way around the world training, so despite it being late here in the UK, Chi himself was hard at it in the gym.

Chi is eager to take this match after the first one was deemed a No Contest due to a low knee to the groin.  The fight takes place at the NTU Sports Arena in Taipei, Taiwan and Chi will be looking to get the win in order to be in line for the One FC world heavy weight title.

Another Heavyweight match on the night will see Paul Cheng take on Mahmoud Hassan and the winner of that will hopefully face the winner of Parry/Ngalani bout.  Should Chi win and get that title shot, he will be on course to be the first UK athlete to get a Championship belt in one of the biggest organisations in the world and cementing a legacy for future UK athletes.

Chi is more than ready to become the Champion and take the top spot despite not being the first UK athlete to fight on One FC, second only to one other Brit who is also in the heavy weight division,  but having more fights under his belt, it will surely be Chi who will be crowned Champion of One FC before anyone else.

Get behind him and show your support by tweeting him your messages @ThebossmanCLP.  If all 15,600 of his followers send him a message, I think we could safely say he would be impressed.


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  • Sunshine February 6, 2017

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with extieprse.

  • J Henderson April 17, 2017

    A gentle giant doing his country proud!


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