“It’s always click, click, BOOM, when the Chopper is in the room”

Chi Lewis-Parry outclassed Anthony McDonald with a barrage of knees at Glory 33 in New Jersey on September 9, 2016.

Powerful, precise and patient. Chi Lewis-Parry maintained the perfect game plan at Glory 33, he remained composed and in control, and bided his time before softening up Anthony McDonald with a series of strikes. The Brit whittled down the American to his bare bones until the inevitable materialised, and Chi Lewis-Parry came away with his fourth win inside the Glory ring.

After the fight, “Chopper” Chi wasted no time sending another message to the heavyweight champion, Rico Verhoeven.

He said: “My b– ch Rico Verhoeven, I know you don’t respect me, you’re backstage listening right now, I ain’t shook, and when this right hook, comes out, big motherf– kers like you, get knocked out.”

Chi is now 4-1 inside the Glory ring, with all victories coming with a finish, it’s clear the only way is up for the “Chopper”, and his latest performance has only bolstered his reputation. Chi Lewis-Parry is a force to be reckoned with.

In the opening round, Chi remained calm and calculated. He felt out his opponent, gauged the distance and remained patient. He continued to show maturity and composure throughout the round, while Anthony McDonald burned through his undoubtedly limited gas tank.

Round two, and Chi found his distance. With the gas tank of McDonald clearly depleted, Chi smelt blood and pounced on his opportunity. He piled on the pressure and systematically dismantled his opponent with some piercing knees to the head and body. McDonald failed to defend himself effectively and consequently, he was dropped to the canvas. He survived

the count from the referee, only to face that almighty right hand from Chi Lewis-Parry which sent him crashing to the floor for a second time in that round. McDonald beat the count and looked to have survived the onslaught. However, he didn’t make it to the final round and withdrew from the fight. Chi was awarded the TKO victory, and is now 4-1 in Glory, with all four wins coming inside the distance.

Rico Verhoeven should be paying attention, because Chi Lewis-Parry is clearly coming for

that belt.

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